Amiga 500 Demo That Got Me Into Tracking

Hey renoisers sup?

yes I’m pretty nerdy, still…I’d like to share with you some .mod’s that got me into this whole tracking thingy. Back in december '92, wow almost 14 years ago…damn I’m old, I copied a 2 disc demo from a mate called Jesus on Es for the Amiga 500. The visuals were nothing special, even for those days standards, but the music kicked serious as…over 30 minutes of breakbeat rave shit. (check a divx here:…susOnEsDivX.avi )
Best thing about the Amiga-scene was the quick modrip release that appeared soon after the demo, which allowed you to play the modules (seperate music tracks of the demo) in protracker. This was the starting point for me learning tracker commands and programming beats, and I’d like to share these oldskool .mods which can be opened by many tracker programs like berotracker, madtracker & off course Renoise…us%20on%20e.rar




cheers imma check it out.

I remember that demo man, ya could chuck it on and just fly…

other demos that were awesome around same time:
other faves like Arte, 3D Demo 2, Hardwired , theres HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS coming to think of it…

haha wicked im d/l’in that madness now…


ah memories… … .

thanks ricco!



Wow, thanks for this, I remember being impressed with it back in day. I’ve probably still got it on disk in my loft somewhere. I don’t know if you know it, but the demo that set me off the most was called, ‘Desert Dreams’. The music in it was superb and the gfx for the time were great too.

Yeah, MeLoN were pucker. How to skin a cat was a goodun too, nice dubby tracks in that :D

yeah i’ve got this somewhere. the best amiga a-v demo i can remember, tho i didn’t really have very many. definitely worth the download. the zx spectrum version of that demo lost a little something in translation tho …

just one pic which beats them all ;)
Spaceballs - State of the art
Amiga500, TheParty’92, 1st Place
nothing has ever been more amazing for me than this.

video download

as the music in the video is of a quite lame quality, you might wanna check the original .mod for the full travoltanessnessess :D

Yes, that was a very good demo. 9 Fingers was also great.