Amiga booting problem - harddrives seen as diskdrives?

Anyone still versed in Amiga?

Recently installed a gotek into my Amiga 2000, trying to install viruskillers and utilities to salvage old mod disks. Now I either messed up saving a corrupted mod to one of the installed harddrives, or removing a virus is the culprit, either way it won’t boot up into workbench anymore.

Booting up I get a “not a DOS disk in unit 0” in a system request window, if I do manage to get into workbench through a gotek loaded program, both harddrives are listed as; “DH0: DLT” & “DH1: DLT”. Anyone know what this means? Quick googling hasn’t brought up anything useful (yet).

I have checked for virusses and removed a CLS file which was infected with a diskmaster 2 virus (not sure if I have remembered the name correctly). But didn’t experience any problems in the days after.

Anyone know of good programs to look for (booting) errors, getting back asses to the harddrives?

Disksalv used to be quite good, if your partition is FFS/OFS.

DH0/DH1 are normal assignments for harddrive partitions, but having it say “DLT” gives the impression of something having messed up your boot block. I’d be worried.

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I think the DLT is the result of me saving a corrupted mod to DH1 using disksalv 3.01. I have a version supplied by D.L.T (dragon laser team). Or it is a weird coincidence and DLT means something else?

Just checked disksalv again and I can read the contents of both drives, looks like all the mods are still there. Just have to figure out how the program works exactly so I won’t mess up anything further :slight_smile: .

Saving a file to a harddrive (even though the file is corrupt regarding its format specs) shouldn’t matter. It’s just bytes on a drive.

If DLT is a demo- or crackgroup, I get the feeling that you have used some disk utility meant to scan the sectors of a floppy disk, and output it to another disk drive or something? But instead you’ve used a harddrive partition as output. Kind of like trying to extract a floppy disk ADF to a harddrive. If that’s the case, you might have overwritten the bootblock and a little more. I hope you’ll be able to extract most of it with disksalv.
Amiga groups sometimes used to state their abbreviations like that even on non-DOS floppies, IIRC.

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Disksalv gave the 2 harddisks as options to output, so I figured this wouldn’t be a problem. I don’t understand why it would overwrite a bootblock in the process. It might have through cutting off the process prematurely with my impatience. Pressing amiga reset while nothing was seemingly happening?

It would be great if I can get the harddisks back to work, datawise it seems to be intact, just can’t access it through anything other then disksalv.