Amiga Custom Controller

Hey forum dudes, check this out, took me a while to build but was worth the work…
Amiga style custom controller Built with Livid Brain Jr as usb.



nice work!

It looks good, what does it sound like/do?

NIiicE! :yeah:

great! :)

nicely done! hope that a1200 was already dead though ;)

u kill an amiga for an empty box!? really bad u are.
if you sell that amiga you can buy a midi controller in that money… :panic:

ha, i got the empty shell off ebay. my old amiga still works a dream.
Im trying to make a video of it in use.

Well its a prototype of sorts, shes very upset you said that non the less.
Next you will be saying the VIC20 is ‘uuuugly’ :P