Amiga Minimig Project Made By Dennis Van Weeren

Hi guys.

For all amiga500 fans take a look at this movie. Its made by Dennis van Weeren that lives in The Netherlands , also were i live.

As a member of i would like to present the Minimig project. <-- Information in English here <-- Promotion Movie.

I hope there will be an Amiga 1200 AGA Minimig soon in the future :D It would be even cooler if this minimig is going to be sold all over the world.

Remember Renoise is a tracker and trackerprograms mostly began on these computersystems , The Commodore.

Let me guess the Atari-ST? those were better with MIDI capabilities i believe. i never had one but i heard it was better with sound. This was the main competitor of Amiga back in the 90’s.

just saw the youtube vid, very nice work he made.


They were just a lot better with MIDI.
Audio and graphics were not as good as the Amiga 500, though there was not much difference between those two.

Yeah i messed around with some Atari ST emulators on the PC playing some games on it. But when it comes to graphics and sound i like Amiga much more.

Probably Amiga only lacks MIDI support indeed and Atari ST does not.