Amiga Mods Woot!

…and how about ATARI ST, there first and the only one with great language ov MIDI!

ATARI ST what’s this??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

(the midi interface is a simple serial interface found in 1980-83 by Roland … nothing special today but you are right … one of the main reason of the success of the ST was the build-in midi interface)

shit, i just found some of my old tunes :confused:

and what the? 4-mat has 469 tunes online!?…modules&view=10

I miss the old days :) When tracking was about making music and not about the right compressor settings ;)

No, I was an amiga-freak, too but my stuff was only available at the Cyberbox in Oldenburg (Germany), that was the World HQ of my Amigagroup StarTrack. Members were Pyro Cracker (that was me) and Amiga Warrior. Later I changed my name to Timid and he became Graipfruit.

The biggest thing, we did was a crack for an old game called Persian Gulf Inferno (okay, we just replaced the startupscreen with an own Deluxepaint-Image and inserted a “Demomaker” Bootsektor-Intro)

well, this is about you.

Go release some RNS files like someone do, if you dare :P

:) Well, I am working at it :)

Persian Gulf Inferno: Ja-ma-yaaay!

that actually hasn’t changed much.
back then it was solely about making music.
nowadays it’s about making music and finding the right level of compression. ;)

i never released mods back in the days. (at least scene-related)
to be honest, for years i always saved the beats i made for us as songs. i have an own huge collection of ST-?? sample disks. :)
it was always about making beats for us to rap over.
i’ll have a closer look at your old tunes, tho. :)

Wholy crap all my tunes are on there even some that I lost! And an interview I totally forgot about :)

Thanks for the link!

Pity… all the stuff I made is still on two Amiga disks. No chance to get it on my PC or even online for that matter…

Anyone out there who can hook up an Amiga to his PC or even the net? You could do me a great favour (even if the tunes are pretty awful, but oh well…)

For copying your Amiga Stuff to PC, you might want to read this article;

Hah :) my collection it includes some rare mods I was really looking for! ( Including the soundtrack to the famous "Mekka PartyHall " by Oxyon… and the full working collection of W.T.H. chip mods… )
I’ll possibly encode some of those for Nectarine where they already have (and broadcast) a decent collection of my mods… :lol:

Yeah, I already read that, thanks. :) Unfortunately, this would require some additional hardware which is either hard to get or very expensive just for transferring two disks of stuff…

Didn’t it say somewhere that you can write MS-DOS disks with the Amiga drive?

here is the one i’m currently using:

i’m not sure if i’m allowed to host the file, so please tell me when you downloaded it, so i can delete it again.

it works from OS1.3 up.
read the readme’s it’s well explained how it works.
oh: you need lha packer installed in your amiga to expand files.

I clicked “Composer’s Database”…

First record on the list that came out: Tesic Zvonko :D :D :D

AAAAARRRGGHHH!!! There’s Falcon’s “Spiritual Activity” downloadable there!!! AWESOME! I was looking for that song for aaaaages. The best goa piece ever IMO!!!

i named one of my tracks eggplant too, back in the days.
even though i dont f…g know what an eggplant is.
great tune btw. :)
guess i’ll google for a while… :)

hmmm… according to AMP’s database… I’ve been dead for days <_<
They corrected the sign now… but it felt kinda funny to find out I passed away and haven’t realized. :ph34r: :lol:

i wonder where those guys got all the modules… must be thousands and thousands of them : ))

there are modules by any guys i can think about…