Amiga Octamed Help

cant find any manuals that came with this this is v4.
How do you do note offs for MIDI? I tried putting C00 in the column but nothing, I have a roland u220

V4 was always my favourite version personally.

Afraid I never used it with MIDI though, and doubt I would remember how if I had…

Here you go Octamed Manual V4

yeah v4 is ace!

funny thing is though, after reading the midi bits, first with the 18 Note Cut command, didn’t do a thing haha, neither did the ‘hold pedal off/on’ and I tried that with different outboard gear!

maybe it’s a duff manuel, however I did find a way to cheat, just place the note down again where you want it to cutoff and put (1 for example cause that’s the instrument #)10C00 :)

In Octamed Soundstudio it’s FFF