Amiga / Protracker Mod Question

Hi Guys.

I wanted to ask the developers of Renoise the following.
How long will the .MOD Protracker support stay in Renoise because i love it. Its so compatible with Amiga :lol:

Right now i own 2 Amiga 500’s and 1 Amiga 1200 (Still in good shape working perfectly). I work alot with the WinUAE Emulator with alot of games.
My goal is to remix all of the good Amiga songs out there and put them on and perhaps on Renoise song page also.

Right now im working on “Alien Breed II : The Horror Continues” Main menu tune from Team17.
Since this was a 4-Player packed/crunched thing or whatever i had to convert it on my Amiga with Perverter v1.41 to Protracker Format… But Renoise imports it perfectly :dribble: and thats why i love renoise. Its so fresh, yet so backwards compatible with the oldskool stuff (FT2,Protracker etc).

I hope the import-routines will not be removed from Renoise ever :o

I don’t see why they would ever remove a feature, especially such a good one!

By the way: how come ReNoise can’t open s3m files?

i also doubt that mod import will ever vanish from renoise.
s3m has never been that popular as xm/mod/it formats - and besides that it got more or less substituted by .it


Jonas nice picture you have there :) is that soundtracker?

Would be funny if there would be some sort of huge import-addon or plugin for Renoise that supports as many as “Exotic Ripper” on the Amiga :dribble:

Exotic Ripper can detect & rip following music formats:

BPSoundMon2.0-3.0, DeltaMusic2.0, DigitalMugician, Hippel7V, FutureComposer1.3, FutureComposer1.4, Hippel, JamCracker, MED, MARKII, SoundTrackerPro3.0, NoisePacker1.0-3.0, Promizer1.0-2.0, ProPacker2.0-3.0/CryptoburnerPacker/ModuleProtector1.0, ProRunner1.0, QuadraComposer, PumaTracker, SonicArranger(PC), SoundFX1.3, SIDmon1.0, SIDmon2.0, SoundTracker2.6/ICE-Tracker1.x, Pro-/Noise-/Star-/SoundTracker/NoiseRunner/WantonPacker/PolkaPacker/ModuleProtector2.0, TFMX, DigitalSoundStudio, TheMusicalEnlightment, ManiacsOfNoise, ChipTracker(KRIS/4mat), Oktalyzer, Hippel-COSO, Fred, UNIC-Tracker1/UNIC-Tracker2, MusicAssembler, ProRunner2.0, DavidWhittaker(all)/J.C.Brooke, Synthesis/InStereo!, MartinWalker, ActionamicsSoundTool, MortenGrouleff, SoundControl, SoundFX2.0, OldSoundTracker, DeltaMusic1.0, ProPacker1.0, Tronic, The Player 4.xx, Jason Page Type 1, FaceTheMusic, MaxTrax, AProSys, MajorTomPlayer V2, NoiseTracker(Packed), The Player 5.0A/6.0A, GameMusicCreator, VectorDean, DigitalIllusions(SilentsTracker), EurekaPacker, Promizer4.0, AMOS-Basic Konverter, SKYT-Packer, MCMD, VoodooSupremeSynthesizer, TrackerPacker2.0-3.1 (MexxPacker), SynTracker, Kefrens Sound Machine, Tracker Packer1.0 (old MexxPacker), StarTrekker(Packed), Mark Cooksey, Profiteam-Soundfactory, Art Of Noise Tracker, New Jason Page, Abyss Highest Experience, Music Line Editor, AC1D-Packer, Laxity(Powermusic/PT), GLUE-Mon, Fasttracker, Tiny Willy, Stonepacker/-tracker & A.M.Composer.

LMAO :w00t: can you imagine this

Screamtracker did not got the time to build a large timespan before FT2 got launched.
For instance, S3m was my favorite because there was nothing better at the time.
When Fasttracker came i was glad the old protracker-environment type of tracker popped up on PC with all the advantages of the PC track support (more than 4) and ease of use of the amiga tracker.

Though the amount of tracks and instrument’s natural behavior were much more important to me… the NNA feature in Impulse Tracker drew me away from fasttracker.

I read that with version 1.9.1 some improvements have been made on importing old formats. But I’m not sure if Renoise imports perfectly or if it has a good backwards compatibility yet.

I can put a few online that definately sound a whole lot different in IT than it will sound in Renoise.
But the import routines got a tad bit better with the 1.9.1 editions.
Though i already dropped interest in full IT support since the explanation came that the import feature was only there to import the songstructure and the samples so you can somewhat polish it in Renoise.
To be honest, you can import a song but usualy it is not worthwhile using the samples that came along with the song.

Oh, what? extracting old samples is the most important reason for backwards compatibility to .MOD (MOD.) ever!. :)

some users request perfect import. I assume perfect import for full recovery of the original song that can be polished, not originally played as is.
Extracting old samples for backwards compatability to .MOD to me sounds more like joke to me.
If they have a certain authentic feel that i need, i try to replace that with a quality sample that feels a lot like the same or use the high quality version of it if i can obtain it.
If you want shitty sounding samples, use the loFiMat effect instead.

Yeah i have to agree its not as perfect as for example Deliplayer 2 can handle old musicfiles.

But like you said, if you polish it a bit you can make it sound better or a bit like the original thing.