Amiga Protracker

I know this is a long shot. but as anyone got a copy of any version of protracker for the Amiga on a floppy disk? Im working on my old amiga and the hard disk is faulty. There was a version called Melon tracker, that was ace… If anyone can help me that would be amazing, thanks


I have Protracker 3 (I think this is the version). It was included on an Amiga Format Cover Disk years ago.

Is this any good to you?

Yeh, that would be great… i will PM you

Ive got OCTAMED PRO V2.0…If itll help let me know…

Have a look here too mate. Might be something on this site to help you

Has to be protracker on a floppy. Im having major problems with the A1200, I think its had it.

You can download from here and put it on a floppy. The trackers are in their original format as far as I am aware. ( I am not an expert on this though)

yeh should work… DO you know if there is a keyboard short cut with Renoise that lets you switch octaves?

Yep! on the number pad. it is the / and the * buttons (as far as I know!). If it not them, it will be something close. I am at work at the moment so I cant check. I am sure it is that though

if you can find it on the internet, you can transfer it to the amiga using a floppy disk

find a double density disk (if you only have high density disks, put a piece of tape over the hole in the top left corner of it, this will make your computers recognize it as a double density disk).

type mount pc0: in shell on the amiga

this will make your amiga able to load pc-formatted disks.

now FORMAT the disk as a double density (720kb capacity) on your pc and put the protracker file on it

insert the disk into your amiga and copy the file to your harddisk or to an amiga-formatted floppy disk.

if your amiga still can’t load the disk, try formatting it on the amiga instead of on the pc (after you have typed mount pc0: ofcourse)

you need to have some library (dont know which) installed on the amiga to make the mount pc0: command work. I dont remember which, but it comes with workbench so if you have workbench installed on your harddisk or if you boot from the workbench disk it should work.

good luck :)