Amiga Samplers : Budget dance music in 1990

fun video about how it worked in the old days :slight_smile:

I wasnโ€™t alive at this time, but thatโ€™s what I love about those days that should be given more thought.

Do more with less.

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yea really impressive what they achieved with so limited tools. And how Software can give birth to New genres like jungle, the sound you could only create with a tracker. Its like live programming in a simplyfied way ^^

Lot a memories, I made music like that in the 90โ€™, but on PC386 with ScreamTracker and I had a Sound Blaster card! ^^

I used lots of cassette too because that was really convenient: on a cassette you can record lot of songs in audio (MP3 was not here, and floppy disks :floppy_disk: was too small to share musics rendered wav files).

Today there is Soundcloud :yum:

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awesome ^^ i think there is a kind of cassette revival going on right now, but the resolution is not the best compared to digital i believe. :thinking:

The audio is not bad on a cassette, but of course itโ€™s not hifi. The sound has a lo-fi touch, around 20 khz. I remember it has some whitenoise especialy when re-recoreded.

But I recently found some lost original cassettes of 90โ€™ songs and I listened theses, I was surprised by the quality on a good stereo player. But I admit that fit with with 80โ€™-90โ€™ songs. :grin:

it defenitly has its own character, and some people might strive for that like with the mpc 2000. i even saw somebody djing with cassettes :smile: and its durable, they now even archive digital files on magnet tape because it has a longer lifespan than hdds

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