Amiga Startrekker 1.3 (flt8 Mods)

Hello everybody!
First time for me to post a topic in this forum (or any other forum for that matter), so it might be posted in the wrong category or something. Sorry if so.

I would like to open my amiga startrekker 1.3, 8 channel (flt8) modules in renoise.
I have managed to transfer my amiga files to my pc (using the amiga forever software ( and a Null-modem cable))

To my great disapointment, none of the pc trackers that I have tried (fasttracker, modplug, madtracker, renoise etc) could open them!
My modules contatin both samples and midi information (I used the first 4 tracks for samples and the other 4 as midi controllers for my Roland D-10).

(I used an amiga emulator to open the modules in the amiga environment, but I don’t have startrekker 1.3 as an .adf file, I had to use protracker 3.15.
Problem is that that program only read 4 of the 8 channels, so I loose half the songs patterns.)

So - my question is - Is there anybody that knows how to open a flt8 module in renoise?
Or - Is there anybody that have startrekker1.3 program as an .adf file (so that I can open the module in the amiga emulator and copy/paste it into a 4 track module which can be opened on the pc)?

Thanks in advance!

/Daniel, Sweden

In case you haven’t seen this:

This is not an .ADF image, but is there a specific reason why it has to be one?

I haven’t used emulators such as WinUAE in a while, but isn’t it possible to set up a virtual harddisk image in the emulator, then copy individual files to that which you can access via Workbench?


Well, I have that file, but I didn’t manage to run it (or even find it) in the emulator.
And yes - one can set up a virtual harddisk. I Recently downloaded the latest winUAE, but now I can’t find my workbench file… Perhaps that would fix it then.

I thought that it would be easier if I had the startrekker program as an adf.
Perhaps it will be solved if I learn WinUAE better.

Thanks for your reply!


I have KICKSTART 3.1 (ROM file) + WORKBENCH 3.1 FULL (6 .adf files) for use with WinUAE. If you need them PM me and I’ll email them to you.

EDIT: I googled StarTrekker in .adf format but it seems it’s not available on the net.

Hmmz, haven’t you tried to convert your flt8 mod in Impulse Tracker?
IT loads flt8 and with the DosBox emulator, you can even play your song.
Once you saved it to .IT format, you can then import this into Renoise but you still have to do a lot of work patching up the song.

The module support is not so perfect, neither in IT or Renoise, they only load it.

disregard this advise, it only loads your samples, nothing else…:

  • Addition: .MOD sample library loader.

This “only” recognises the following MOD Identifications -
“M.K.”, “M!K!”, “FLT4”, “FLT8”, “4CHN”, “6CHN”, “8CHN”
And FT2’s extended MOD identification, “xxCH”

Click here to download an ADF-version of Startrekker 1.3. Enjoy! :)

Wow. Thanks for the adf! Was bootable and loaded flawlessly in the WinUae - and the three mods that I tried to far seem perfect!

Thank you all for fast help on this matter.
I had been searching for a solution to this problem for more than a year! Or more like 2+ years.
And yes - I had tried to open the file in ImpulseTracker and I even used a hexeditor (WinHex) to edit the file type (trying to lure the programs to believe that the mod was a 8 track protracker or fasttracker module and so on).

So a few days ago I decided to give it another try (googling for .adf startrekker) and trying to convert my files in all kind of ways.

For Ashkan Asgary: I dont think that I will be in need of the workbenchfiles, now that I have the startrekker adf, but thank you anyway!

Take care, and happy trakking!


I actually made that ADF-file, inside of WinUAE, out of the .LHA-file provided at by putting it on a virtual floppy (adf) adding a s/startup-sequence :) Took me about half a minute or so. :D

Your effort is really appreciated. Thanks. :)

Thank you for taking the time to create the adf. I had tried in several ways to copy the program to the virtual harddrive of the winUAE but without success. I don’t have much time and trying to convert/fix the startrekker adf killed it all (the time). It’s obvious better to ask that try to fix things yourself, ha!

To sum up this topic, here is a step by step for opening startrekker 1.3 (8 channel/flt8) modules in Renoise. (Dont know if anybody is interested but I would have been ;)


(by dew of dawnland, Sweden. Revision 1.0 - 1st of August 2007 :

Amiga to PC
Transfer your mod files from the amiga using Calantos amiga forever (
program and a null modem cable. (did this long ago so I do not remember exactly how it is done,
but the documentation in AmigaForever was enough for me…)

PC to Amiga (emulator)
Download the Amiga Emulator winUAE (You must have the amiga kick.rom
which you get when buying the amiga forever thing)

Download startrekker adf file (
kindly by made twilek (at the renoise forum, where this text is published for the first time) from the .lha file. He even added a startup sequence so just select the adf for your floppy!!! Thanks!

Tedious part 1 (copy paste)
Start the emulator and open the startrekker mod you want to open in renoise.
Change the M/8 channel mod to a 4 channel mod. this will make tracks 5-8 disappear.
Save this file as mod.mysong-pt1 (for examle)

Open the original mod again. Now you have to copy and paste track 5 to track 1,
track 6 to track 2 and so on. The keys for doing this is SHIFT+F3 (cut track) and SHIFT+F5 (paste track).
Be sure to copy track 5-8 to track 1-4 in all the patterns you use. Save this file as mod.mysong-pt2
(and do save during the copy and paste process in case you should make a mistake copying and pasting).
When all tracks are moved, Change the M/8 channel mod to a 4 channel mod and save it for the final time.

Now you have your 8 channel mod as two 4 channel mods (with all samples perserved in both files)

And back again (amiga emulator to pc) Tedious part 2 (copy paste, once again)
Download the ModPlugtracker ( and open pt1 of your files.
In the “general” tab, Change “song type” to XM fasttracker 8 channel module.
Now open part two (which you now have in another window in modplug tracker.)
Then, in your pt2 song - pattern by pattern - select all (ctrl+5) copy it (ctrl+c)
Change to part 1 of your song, select the pattern you just copied from pt2 and place
the “cursor” in row 0 in track 5 and paste (ctrl+v)

Save your file as mysong.xm
------------------------ end of step by step --------------------------------------------------

The resulting files are perfect copies of the flt8 file (at least mine were but I did not use any complicated codes for the sounds like panning etc. I used the volume change and it was correctly copied).

All for now.

dawnland - I’m glad you found someone to knock you up an adf with a working startup-sequence:) I’m still sorry you had to go through such a laborious process… If you have an A600/A1200, you should consider spending around £5 on a PCMCIA/Compact Flash card for future transfers. You can use AmigaForever (slowww!!!) to copy over this tiny CF driver (instructions in its documentation) to your Amiga and then enjoy mega-fast file transfers back and forward, as long as you’ve got a cheap old CF card and a USB card reader.

Aside from all that…did you try loading the 8-chan flt8 mods into Milkytracker? I’d be VERY surprised if it didn’t load them up quite happily (I searched for an flt8 mod to test this, but couldn’t find one…maybe you could link to one of yours?) and if it didn’t I’m quite sure pailes, the developer, would try to implement support for them. I think he considers it a matter of honour to ensure that Milky accepts some of the weirdest mod formats;)

Needless to say, being a FastTracker clone, Milky saves xm files straight out so it’d be a case of dragging/dropping the 8-chan Startrekker mod then doing ‘Save As’…without having to fire up Modplug at all! Modplug has some compatibility issues with the xm format (and with pretty much everything it touches, tbh) and it can’t always be trusted…

Anyway, I know you’ve solved your problem, but I thought it would be interesting to see if these suggestions work, so that the process could be sped up for someone else in the same situation:D

just for a note, maybe Fast Tracker 1 should be able to load 8 channels MODs.

Unfortunately, it seems to be unavaiable these days. Myself I was sure to still have it somewhere, but looks like I don’t

Hi and thanks for the tip on compact flash card reader.
Unfortunatley I only have an amiga 500 and, I already transfered all my disks. I was slow but it’s done now. I was very happy that it was possible to transfer them at all!

Downloaded milky tracker right away but it said “Error while loading/unknown format”, but thanks for the tip anyway. (The creator of milky could probably try to fix the flt8 problem, but now I have already copied and pasted 1/3 of my mods so the rest will be done in an hour or so.)
Thanks anyway.

As for fasttracker 1, I think that I tried that one some years ago without success.

All for now.


Ah well, I’ll pass on the tip to pailes so he can support it in Milky - I think the file format’s quite well documented. Maybe it’ll help someone else in the future!

Amiga forever;)