Amiga User Now Using Renoise

Hello. I’m Mark Salud. I used to create music mods using the Amiga computer and OCTAMED. You may have seen my stuff in Aminet or any Amiga-related sites.

After a very long hiatus, I am back creating music again, I have used Renoise to create at least 36 songs, all uploaded in

Last Saturday I was interviewed by Mad Wasp Radio about my musical journey. It will air tomorrow on if you’re interested.


Hi Mark. I like how you keep the spirit of “Amiga music” in your current songs and that you don’t care about production at all. The music is simple and the compositions are nice. But it would be advantageous to record your songs internally to keep the original sound instead of playing your songs on a laptop (or a computer with cheap speakers) to record the “laptop sound” with an external video camera, especially if you’re looking for listeners or feedback. Therefore you should at least make sure that your master volume isn’t too loud just like in your videos. You could avoid this by simply clicking on “auto adjust”. Cheers.


Thanks for the tip. I will keep that in mind.

4 Chan was actually quite modest wasn´t. Very suitable if you want a better behaved crowd.

It looks well made and I would like to listen to it properly.
If you don’t mind, please render your song and upload it to your personal web page or below and share its channel URL etc.