Amok - Lazy Dance

If you find the melody a bit weird or odd… dont mind… Im not very talented when it comes to composing my own melodies… ;)

Some comments would be very appreciated… :)


I’m the biggest fan of spacesynth and italo, since both styles were invented :wink:

(Some) of the vocals ruins the song IMO, otherwise its ok. Not traditional drums either… why not use good old Linndrum? Traditional bassline wouldn’t hurt either, just to make it sound more spacesynth.

Thanks :) I will do my best since the track is still in progress ;)

As I said I am a fan of suh music for a long time, and I also tried to do Spacesynth last year for the first time ( ), but I went the easy traditional way heh

Good luck with this one, please keep us posted how it progresses

That sounds very nice. But i’m missing some claps/cowbells somehow… ;)

Okay… i added some hits and cowbells. The vocal sample part has been changed… ;)

Dang! Thats it, you just went onto my playlist :)

(well there are already three amigaremixes but … )

Really? WOW!!! Thanks a lot!!! :w00t:

And again some tweaks here and there regarding the mixing/balancing. And I edited the samples. For example the crackling in the “Space Raiders” sample was really annoying…

I find i quite okay now. Probably i will see things different tommorow. My ears need a break badly… :)

@Hooligan: I found your account at ;) Your last remix is really good and pretty underrated imho… :)

This was fun, and reminds me of old mods I used to listen to. The lead melody is quite ok for someone who said he isn’t confident with that.

Thanks Foo? :)

Since you are the mastering guru around here, please tell me what you think about the mixing? :)

I badly need some hints for improvement… :dribble:

The top end was a bit brittle, that was the most nasty part. Other aspects would require me to get more deeply in there and analyse stuff to say anything reliable.

A little process I do after I’m done with composing: Go through and solo each channel and adjust the EQ reductively there, but don’t go too crazy. Also use a visual tool like Voxengo SPAN to keep an eye out for nasty looking peaks. Then bring all the sounds together again and re-check each one in relation to everything else. THEN, do this checking again at a lower volume, say -12dB off the mix value (this implies that you’re mixing fairly loud in the first place). The different volume positions all you to ‘double check’ the tone from two psychological angles. This checking is also very good for seeing that your dynamics are the way you want them.

The other thing you can do is load up your song against another commercial mix in the the style you’re aiming for, and switch between the two to get an impression of the difference. Think about each frequency area, and also think about dynamics. Each style has it’s own way of doing things. I personally prefer very organic analog sounds which you can get an example of in my signature. Other styles are more bombastic etc for their own purposes.

cool thing, reminds of the good ol’ times with Amiga games, Chris Huelsbeck and stuff…

One thing that’s a bit odd for me is the bassline.
Most of the time it plays the same note, which is totally ok.
But when you do the transition (e. g. at 00:30.6) there should be a “relief” on another tone (like two notes up or so)…

Thank you very much dudes :)

@Foo?: I will try this out. Thanks a lot :drummer:

Okay… I tried to do it your way, Foo?.. :)



I think that there is more top end now… maybe too much? And maybe to little low end? I don’t know… :blink:

Low end is fine… Check how yours sounds above 13khz compared to other songs. I guess you can call this an excess of extreme highs. If it sounds too dull after you’ve removed excess from that area you could excite (not EQ boost) the lower highers around 8-10khz, but gently.

Thats impressive… Do you hear that by ear? Thats exactly the range i boosted… :unsure:

Yeah but I do this sort of thing for money, so I aught to be good at it ;)

You are pretty awesome, mate… :)

Just one last question: how do i excite something? (And i don’t mean girls… ;) )

Hugs and kisses… No wait!

There are a few ways, but these two plugs are a good intro:


Commercial, but VERY good: