Amok - Pop-It!

Just an attempt to create a modern mainstream electropop tune or summat… :huh:

Please let me know if i suceed or failed completely… :blink:

Totally failed, because you also need babes with large boobs. They are mandatory in creation of mainstream popsong ;) , but i guess you could always add them later to the musicvideo.

On a more serious note, as much as i love SID/8-bit sounds, that lead might sound better if you add more layers to it. Now it sounds little thin.
Also maybe more umpf to the snare.

Anyways i like it. Very mainstream sounding except that lead, although now days its not unsual to hear 8-bit sound in popsongs.

Just add more braindead scenewhores and trailerpark girls and boom shakalaka you just won.

EDIT: the thin lead could work to your advantage if you get some vocals in on it.

Great job! :D only thing i didn’t like was the sound of the piano. very harsh and compressed :angry: Other than that generally very good job with the production.

Thanks guys :)

In fact, I am just looking for some girls with big boobies… but on the other hand… who does not?.. ;)

Anyways the plan is to find a singer and exchange the lead with some vocals… ;)

Very nice-- the lead might not sound very pop-ish, but I effin’ love it that way!
More of this kthxbye :)

hehe… it’s cute :)

isn’t this a backstreet boys song …

sounded nice… perhaps the lead was a bit nasty in the highs… the kick needs some kick. snare some snap… just taste/mix things i guess… but nice overall!

… still i swear i know this song… :ph34r:

Lol… :D

Thanks guys :)

P.S.: If the Backstreet Boys read this, feel free to use this track on your next album. With full royalties for me of course… ;)