"Amplify sample" - max-without-clipping value by default

This function always kicked ass in impulse/schism tracker. When you’d hit the “amplify sample” key, the window would pop up asking you by how much to amplify, but with the “maximum without clipping” value as the default.

Seeing that Renoise has an amplify button and a maximize button …i’d figure this wouldn’t be too hard to implement :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Isn’t this what Maximise does?

I believe delt is asking for an “Amplify” dialog that works like the built-in one, with the exception that the starting position of the gain slider is the exact amount of amplication required to normalize the sample.

Presumably useful for setting the level of a sample relative to the normalized volume (e.g. “set sample level at -0.2 relative to clipping”) in one step, rather than having to normalize then amplify.

Audacity does this too, it works nicely… but normally it’s probably just as easy to use Ctrl+P and then F10 to turn it down a little bit. Or turn down the sample volume a little bit.

Exactly :D