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I have been fortunate to visit, again, the theme park and attractions of Terra Mítica in Benidorm, in Spain, last week. It is about 200 km from my town, but unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to go every year.

Being late summer, I decided to travel there and spend a pleasant day between brave attractions and viewing the artists’ shows (something that I love, along with the good music of the show). There was especially a show from Egypt that I liked very much for the thematic dance of the artists, which are undoubtedly the heart of these theme parks. I wish there was more money investment for these artists.

In Terra Mitica there are 3 especially strong attractions, Synkope (I screwed up), Inferno, and Titanide. Years ago I climbed the wooden roller coaster, called Colosus, which finally closed due to its high maintenance cost. Maybe keeping a roller coaster of such distance and size was counterproductive to the park, and that’s why they added Titanide (of metal, smaller and shorter but stronger in some sections.).

On this trip I preferred to combine the attractions with the shows they did there, about Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia …

If you travel to Benidorm, you must visit Terra Mítica. I remember that I also visited Port Aventura (near Tarragona) when I was much younger. The entrance is more expensive but I will definitely have to go again.

What amusement and theme parks do you know in Europe and what attractions did you like best?

What have you done this summer to disconnect?

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The theme park Terra Mitica look cool! I went to see in Youtube the coasters, impressive!
Personnally I don’t enjoy so much riding too scary coasters… but I true looove looking at these, even in Youtube! :rofl: In fact, simply because I think it’s beautifull.

As I live near Paris I went to DisneyLand for times and it’s one of my favorite. I really like the Big Thunder Montain wich is a nice ride.

In spain I visited Monte Igueldo for years ago at San Sebastian and this is really a beautifull vintage park, also the view is stunning!

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My favorite attraction I pooped on it!!!

Enjoy!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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That look ultra impressive! :open_mouth:

… This decor with the cemetery just before starting! :coffin: Welcome! :rofl:

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