An Agile Mind

Direct Link: (MP3) An Agile Mind.mp3
Trax in Space Link (recommended) : An Agile Mind

This is the first track I’ve made with Renoise, which I first installed 3 days ago. I was really amazed at how easy Renoise was to get into, and how smoothly the production process went. I did everything from composing, via arranging and finally mastering within Renoise itself. All I had to do with the final render was to convert it to MP3, and that was that.

Do not be alarmed by the fact that this is my first Renoise track. It’s far from my first piece of music ever. I’ve used OctaMED, Scream Tracker, Impulse Tracker, Reason, Pro Tools, and now Renoise over the years.

I’ve posted a direct link to the MP3 and a link to it at Trax in Space. If you’ve got an account there, I’d appreciate it if you download the track there as this will increase my visibility on the site. Thanks! :)

Comments are appreciated.

Hi TiLT, welcome to Renoise :)

This seems to be only really short, as if just an intro. Sound wonderful though! Could be quiet cinematic.

6 minutes is short? :huh:

Anyway, thanks for listening. I appreciate it. :)

it’s waaaaaaay over saturated.