An alternative to hexadecimals(maybe?)

An alternative idea to hexadecimals: color coded numbers - for instance, white 00-99 is 00-99, red 00-99 is 100-199, blue 00-99 is 200-299, and so on. No need to translate any hexadecimals to binary, just know what color pertains to what number set. And it would greatly increase resolution past 255.

I’m still very new to tracking, but this seems to be feasible. Maybe follow ROYGBIV, or whatever color scheme the user prefers.

This is no feature request of course, but maybe far down the line as an alternative. Or in some new tracker. Am I missing something, or would this work?

I would say, just get used to hex, its very convenient once you are used to it since you can divide it easily trough 8 :slight_smile:

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Oh I’m getting used to it, but I’m just throwing it out as an idea. Wouldn’t it work better? Much higher resolution. I don’t expect anyone to pick it up but still…

I’m not color blind but I can easily imagine the issue with a mix between colors and numbers. I don’t say the idea is bad. I just say this would be a problem for some people.

I’m pretty sure this idea would require refactoring quite a bit (all?) of the Renoise code. I don’t know the code myself (it’s not public), but I’m sure this would not be trivial.

Also, please don’t get a rid of hex, we like it! :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree, it would be a complete overhaul. Renoise is quite awesome as is. But maybe down the road, or in another tracker. 0-255 can be limiting at times. I love Renoise’s envelopes and slice points, as resolution is higher there.