An atmospheric track I made

I made this thing with many pads and instruments that all sounded hissing/flutey, with some brass and synth for definition. Its quite literally very airy, hence the title. Everybody loves puns, right?


I hope you like this thing!


Reminded me from “inception” somehow. Good motion. Nice!
Upheaving Sanctuary [Old] that piano reminds me of spacey pink floyd tracks (from high hopes i guess). Sounds so sweet…

Thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile:

I hope I can one day make music for games. Give me like… 10 years, and I’ll be there!

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Love it. I personally would drown it more in reverb. Something like valhalla shimmer. But this is just my personal taste :smiley:

But there is already so much though, I think it would be hard to add more without it becoming a mess!