an easier way to use channel effects

I’ve been wondering this since I used FT2 :P … is there no easier way to use those channel effects than to write all those numbers and letters down on the side of a channel ? (like if I wanted to use Filter to make my sound “come from the deep and brighten up”, I have to write quite a number of letters before I get what I want… 30 00, 30 01, 30 02 -> 30 EF… ) It seems like it would bee quite easy to somehow record it by moving the effect’s slider when playing on recording mode, but it’s just not how it works… or is it?

just tweak the slider with the right mouse button…

uuhh… that easy… :P thanks A LOT :)

hold left shift while right clicking… and it goes to the envelopes too!

also mark a block and use CTRL-I (interpolate)…
look at help for more tricks.