An Idea For The Community

I have an idea for the community… it is as follows:

Please keep your negative criticism of perfectly valid feature requests to yourself.

What the heck is with this trend of completely bashing and perfectly valid feature requests as if they’re blasphemy? Ok, we get that the feature isn’t something that interests you, but by no means does this make it any less useful for other people… nor does it destroy your precious paradigm of production with this software. Seriously people, Renoise is being designed as a mature tracker that wants to take tracking to the next level… DEAL WITH IT. Adding new features does not prevent you from doing things the way you always have, so what’s the problem? We’ve come a long way since the days of FT2, and that’s what makes this software great.

So it occurs to me, perhaps you’re threatened because you think the devs will favor what you see as some of the more shallow feature requests over your “must have” features… if that’s the case, not only are you pretty selfish, but it seems you lack quite a bit of trust in the devs. They are well aware of the direction this software should be headed in, as evident by how kickass it currently is, and if you don’t agree with that (because you’re stuck in the oldschool paradigm), then perhaps you need to look for a new package which fits your frame of mind more… like milky tracker.

Renoise is a revolutionary tracker because it’s taken useful features from both the tracker world AND the sequencing world… this is where its strength lays, and it should continue to do so in the future. There are many features that could be implemented, and they all have a valid place in these forums. To take up a crusade against them shows closed-mindedness and a truly childish mentality.

So, that considered: Grow the heck up, people. This is a community, it should encourage growth, freedom of knowledge, and positive vibe. Trolling does nothing but show what an ass you are. If you don’t like a request, ignore it please.

Maybe its a side-effect of a community angry at being abused with buggy releases for the last 6 months. I know that’s soured me somewhat.

:) This funny discussion again.

Today I think the understatement has to come from both sides.

There are those who just want to make music with a good tracker that offers least limitation and most capabilities, which is Renoise in this case.
And there are those who see relations to the demoscene and they want the source files to work in ten years so they can see how someone’s brain was working when he made some song somewhen.

If I don’t estimate myself completely wrong, then I’d say that I rather belong to the second group.
At the last demoparty a certain discussion was a “wake up” for me which showed me that Renoise isn’t that demo-ish as I always would like it to be. But Renoise is still the most powerful tracker with the greatest tracker GUI for its amount of features. I don’t know anything comparable out there.

So simply bashing those who like its progressive developement is as unfair as bashing those who see a value in its tracker behaviour. But I have to admit: Three or four years ago it was easier for me to dislike the very progressive developement than to understand the worth of it :)

Well that’s the nature of software development… perhaps the Renoise devteam needs more manpower… perhaps we need more people participating in beta testing… who knows. It’s silly to blame that on feature requests though… as no matter what features are implemented, new features always introduce bugs at first. The only way to get around this is to use an old version. If the stable releases are still buggy, that’s another issue entirely, and needs to be taken up with the devs.

Come on d00ds, where are the good songs?

I have no idea. Haven’t seen mine in quite some time. Everything I touch turn to dung, bah. So, I just write here in stead to at least remind me why I call myself a “composer”.

But, on topic, bashing feature ideas is just plain bad manners, agree. But if nobody speaks up if they think a request is ludicrous, devs might get the idea that “everybody” likes this idea and go for it. Yeah yeah, voting and stuff, but still. :)

So, I recommend saying “I don’t see any use of this feature because…” like kaneel did with his youtube vids.

So you’re saying the devs don’t have the ability to spot a horrible idea? You’re just not giving them much credit now… that’s what I’m saying. This forum should be about growth of ideas… if people don’t like the feature being discussed in a thread, the thread will die anyway. And for ideas like a pianoroll, (shudder) which seem to be fairly persistant, but a chunk of the community is against, the devs may decide it has merit anyway … and that’s their prerogative, if they think enough of the community wants it. IF HOWEVER, we disagree with the method of implementation of a certain idea, by all means, speak up. That’s useful information. Simply saying “I’m going to off myself if Renoise ever gets this feature. You’re a lamer who should be using FL Pro” though, is useless and just plain silly. Bashing the people posting these feature requests does nothing but instigate negativity in the community, when there’s plainly no need for it. We should trust that the developers know what they’re doing, and will make the right decisions.

No, my statement was just badly worded. :rolleyes:

I trust taktik to spot a dungbeetle of an idea if it surfaces, and that will undoubtably die of itself, I agree with that much. I’m just thinking of ideas, which may be good for some but ludicrus for others. Like for example me disliking pianoroll but loving the idea of an arranger view.

I’m just saying, let your voice be read if you dislike a [possible] feature, but be polite and serious about it.I understand your STFU-approach with your original post, I’m also agreeing but with this modification. I dislike bashing as much as the next guy, it degrades our forum worse than any spam could.

Oh, and OT, I just got a call from Norwegian Airlines, I got a job as cabin crew, one of 12 selected among 2100 applicants!! My professional life and future is now in order, and I’m about to continue on my nice day now. :D

c’mon dont get rude.

listen to Bantai.

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