An Octave Shifting Shortcut For The Keyboard

some kind of short cut so we can change the octave range up and down on our qwerty keyboards rather than having to mess around with changing base notes all th time to get to lower and higher ranges that are reachable from the keyboard. do you guys get what I’m saying or am i explaining this badly? sorta like an octave shifter on a small midi controller so can reach all the octaves, but for the qwerty. :)

try Numpad / and *

is there a way to do this on a laptop? no number pad… I’m guessing I’m going to have to do a better search on the wiki’s. sorry I keep asking stupid questions! I tried what you suggested, but it just makes me scroll through my instruments like normal?

i wonder how you were able to get along with using renoise this long without knowing that you’re able to shift octaves?!

anyhow, i’m not using a laptop here, but i’m on a numpad-free desktop keyboard - so basically the same issue.
i have worked that around by re-assigning the octave up/down keys to “#” for increasing and “ä”(the key left to “#”) for decreasing the octave.

On my laptop the fn key comes to the rescue again. fn+0 and fn+p, but as I’m on a norwegian keyboard I’m sure this is different for you.

oh man it was a pain. sometimes i made multiple instruments with the same samples at different basenotes and switched between them when sequencing in a track… :lol:

thank you guys for the help! i guess this goes in the begginers section now rather than in the feature request section…

why don’t you just click the ‘octave’ buttons in the top left area of the gui?

using the mouse is annoying

i reassigned it to Alt+0-9 ages ago, i don’t use / and *…