An (old) newcomer : questions about live performance


I bought renoise years ago, and life kept me away from making music during this time. Now I want to do it again, and I have questions about live performance :

in the past, there was some plugins for this, now it seems they disappeared : are they included in the latest version of renoise, or maybe it was just abandonned ?

I plan to use it with a mpc clone and launchpad. Is renoise ready for live performance, or should I buy Bitwig ?

thank you for your help.

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I’m also trying to use Renoise in a live setting, so i’ve just bought a APC40, which connects fine via the Duplex Application, Grid Pie.

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  • Download Duplex Duplex Browser | Renoise
  • Drop the Duplex xrnx on your Renoise window
  • Browse to tools, Duplex.and select your device.
  • Something should happen on your controller, or vice versa, something should happen in Renoise when you move a slider or dial.

Good luck!

thank you for your answer, wich is the unique one. I guess I’ve got my answer :slight_smile: