An Untitled Work I Could Use Some Insight On

I like a lot of places where this song is going, but I want to be able to draw it out more–I’d love for this to be a somewhat trancey (although it’s a fast 7/8 timing) kind of song that makes a person easily zone out. But I’m having troubles.

I’d really like to have some real drumming sounds–but I don’t know what kind of drumming to call it–I think I’ve seen it with Hawaiian drumming, where there’s at least a dozen people, all clinking their sticks together at many points in the drumming. I’d also like at another point in the song to have some totally synthetic heavily-affected rhythm–but I don’t really have many vst’s that can offer that very well for me–and I don’t have many samples of synthetic drums to tinker with either except on my external Roland JV-2080 and a JD-990–but those are external devices and I’m trying to keep this internal.

Anyway, some pointers on this would be helpful. This song isn’t the usual direction I normally go.

Well, obsessive me, I finished the song. LOL