Analog synths, sequencers, and Renoise

So recently bought a Korg MS-20 mini and have had loads of fun with it. But, I want to use a sequencer with it.

I’ve had no luck finding a good plugin that works with Renoise. Also, as far as setting up the midi connections I feel lost.

I downloaded the “B-Step sequencer” standalone version and it’s great.

I plug the MIDI, USB, and audio into my computer and I can sequence away, but of course the plugin doesn’t work!

If anyone could offer advice on a good sequencer VST and MIDI settings it that would be awesome.

Renoise is the sequencer :slight_smile:

I don’t know what connections the MS-20 mini has but if it doesn’t have USB, try a midi-usb adapter. I have one for my korg volca’s, works like a charm. Just shows up in Renoise as a midi device just like any other usb midi device, then in an instrument’s MIDI tab there’s an “output to” section and you just choose the adapter. And that’s it, done and done (except for returning the audio back into Renoise, but I’m assuming you have that set up already?).

As far as sequencers go, besides the normal Renoise pattern editor, there’s all kinds of sequencer tools, it even has its own tag:

My Korg has both MIDI and USB. I can connect it fine to renoise, I can use it like a MIDI controller, and I can record samples with it in renoise. None of the sequencers you included are what I am looking for.

However I figured out I can do what I’m looking to do using “phrases” in renoise.

Thanks for the help.