Anatomy of Dance


I just finished working on my new music and video, and wanted to share with you. It took 2 months from the idea to the final product - mostly working on weekends. Not much time for my hobby these days, but Iโ€™m happy I was able to actually finish it and not abandon in the middle :wink: (I find Vimeo to have better video quality, but on slower computers sometimes sound gets out of sync :frowning: )



Wow, nice video. Was the 3D stuff hard to make? I liked the bubbling things that were in sync with the music, and the ride through what looked a little bit like a carbon nanotube.

Thanks! It was hard for me, because I was trying to figure out things in Cinema 4D as I went. I had some prior experience, but many of the things there I did for the first time (like those bubbles synchronized with music - Iโ€™m glad you liked it :slight_smile: ).

Nice work! I liked to watch and listen it. Is the video inspired by demoscene art?

Yes, it is!

Most prominently, that part with the dancing silhouette is based on the โ€œState of the Artโ€ Amiga demo of the 1990โ€™s :slight_smile:

You can check it out here:

Plus these kind of tunnel effects that you see in my video are/were very popular in the demoscene.

hehe I reminded this cool demo! :slight_smile: