and another track..

Hey, I can log in again :)

I just finished a new track, or at least that’s what I say to myself… there are some parts that I don’t really like yet, but I don’t know why… :huh:

So if you have some tips, don’t hesitate to tell me
(of course I’d be glad to get other feedback aswell)

After 4 minutes the song kind of “jumps” back to the theme it started with, it sounds a bit weird :unsure: , any suggestions how to make it sound more fluently?


ps: “the day after” / triphop

I really loved your track (as always…), well balanced and great instruments--------------------------

Sometimes the hi hat’s volume is too much high (this is my opinion…), like it was in “song 2”, try to slide it down-------------------------

About the change in the 4th minute I can say that it doesn’t sound so weird to me…By the way, you could try to make some intrument fade out before the song turns back to the main theme, to"call" to sound’s change, but as I told you, for me it’s well done like it is-------------------

:drummer: see you!! :drummer:

Thanks for the feedback and the advice!
Btw, You heard the 2nd version of my song, I already changed the part in the 4th minute before anyone listened to it - it sounded really, really bad before! :wacko:
Thanks anyway (I might still try the fade out)

glad you liked it