..and now David Bowie


The news was a shocker. Big influence on me. I think I’m most fond of the Berlin trilogy stuff, but also dig a lot of Scary Monsters, Earthlings, and Heathen.

He was one those artists where if you didn’t like his current work you could still look forward to whatever he might do next because he was adventurous.

I just assumed that would go on forever.

I was shocked as well when I saw it this morning on Reuters. I had just read an article a couple of days ago where they interviewed some of the band members who played on Blackstar. My all accounts, Bowie was working just as hard as he ever has and giving his vocals his all. I remember seeing him do Space Oddity in '70 and thinking, “that’s pretty strange”. Ziggy Stardust and the Glam Rock period got a little weird, but as Neurogami points out, if you didn’t like his current stuff, you could always look forward to something new. I think his Serious Moonlight Tour back in mid to late '83 was some of his best.

Rest in Peace David.

I slightly regret being dissuaded by others to not digging deep into his incredibly large scope of work. However, I am familiar with a lot of his music and I am determined explore it further.

He was most definitely an innovator. A very intelligent and eloquently spoken man with a good sense of humor. His influence can be felt across a wide range of genres.

Lemmy left a large gap in music that can never be filled, The gap Bowie leaves is incomprehensible. He does leave us with a gift of such legacy, that as previously stated, can appeal to any taste, as it seemed to know no bounds.