And She Was Born

Hello, fellow Renoisers!

Got hold of a demo of Sampletank 1, and finally managed to finish this track. It’s a tribute to my mom.

Get it here or on the song page.

Wasn’t sure what category it was sposed to be in.

Hope you like it!

Hey, bantai, I’ve sent an email to ptrance about a week ago, saying I’m off the project…

I’m sorry if the message hasn’t come through, I’ll send another e-mail just to make sure.

My apologies…

Spare it. I know it by now. Sorry to see you go though :(

Nice tune btw.

Nice song Dufey very dreamy stuff

Nice, Dufey; very relaxing, :) no complaints this time :) hehe.

Thanks BonusNinja :) glad to hear that!

Yeah, Kcirr3d, sampletank1 is the only vst i’ve got with “aaaaaaaa”-voices… the singing, u know?

Love that stuff :)