And You Thought You Had Skills...

What skills were you refering to?

  1. The cheese?
  2. The playing?
  3. The keyboard-humping?
  4. The slutty dress?

Aw, now I’m just being negative again… :rolleyes:

All of the above!


some real skills:
Simpsons theme on steel guitar
Super Mario Bros theme on 11 strings bass


@ the original slutty dress keyboard solo video - wtf??? she must have used some of the rhythm presets on her “keytar” to get the casio sounding dance beat

and seriously, why use a keytar anyway if it’s mounted in place? why not an actual fullsize keyboard with more than 3 octaves? probably because she doesn’t know how to use her left hand to play and she wants people to be able to see what she’s doing w/ the right hand. and what the hell is up with the balloons in the background? how low budget is this???

regarding “Super Mario Bros theme on 11 strings bass” – that is some bad ass shit! in fact, i have NEVER seen or heard of a 11 string bass guitar, but that monster looks cool as fck! it ALMOST makes me want to learn how to play a real instrument. almost…

Monty on the run 7 :P

He didn’t nail the coin sounds! :o

Here’s the same one, only with an added extra minute, where she actually puts on of her legs over the front of the keytar

And some pics of her with none other than Steve Vai

“look at my tits while i play the keyboard”

man no wonder i’ve never heard of her, cuz nobody gives a shit …

I just love the expressions on her face as she’s jamming out those melodies, haha, she’s really getting into it! I was thinking last night that she and Wesley Willis should have formed a band… that would have been awesome!!

But yeah, of course she’s a total skank. I hope at least a few people here picked up on the sarcasm/irony of the whole thing :)

wow, wesley willis was some crazy motherfcker…

a 40 year old woman playing a mounted keytar while squating and jumping … that’s just… f****ing ugly

good playing skills though

Entertaining but don’t know if I´m that impressed by her skills though…

The bass was cool but I´m getting so feedup with all the supermario theme players…Soon I will only raise my eyes if someone is standing on his head and playes the thing lefthanded backwards…

try this one!

gwah! :blink:


That one was acctually really entertaining :D

Practise makes perfect. Looks like a crappy old Eko bass. :)…h=mario%20piano

^^ Only man who can do mario properly.

Lol, this guy about summed it up for me:
ChaseChase88 (1 week ago)
hahah that is so cheesey yet still impressive
She’s just so willingly entertaining while she plays! :lol: As if to say “you want some more cheese?! I bet you do! well here it is!”


I can’t express in words the things that come to my mind when thinking about this.

I really hate Wesly Willis… Jello Biafra exploited a schitsophrenic for cash (kinda- he wasn’t exactly a rockstar). Dude is dead, but still sells albums… Jello just rakes in the dough from stupid hipsters who pretend to like Weslie’s music. Jello is a smart man.