Andreas G. - The Kids Want Dubstep

Hey you guys!

This is my first dubstep track, it’s part electro - part dubstep.

It’s been in progress for awhile and now it’s here!

Comments are much appreciated and especially on the Mixing/Mastering, which i’ve used a hell of a time on, but still I still find it difficult… ;)


really, really cool track.
the mixing/mastering still needs a lot of work, listening this on headphones here and some of the synths are way too loud in places.

with that out of the way: really awesome. to be honest, when the tune started out i didn’t think much of it, and it sounded a bit childish/amateur to me. however, you’ve proven me wrong, i got sucked into the buildup and really enjoyed the flow of the track. also, it sounded new, original and fun to me.
let me tackle this bit-by-bit now because i think you can divide the track into the following themes:

  1. electro-shizzle
  2. chillout-section
  3. dubstep-portion

the global build of the track would then look sometime like this: 1 1 3 2 3 3
now, some constructive criticism with that in mind.

there’s this little piece of text before the first dubstep-portion kicks in. really great, perfect timing. then there is the chillout-section. here you use 2 vocal samples. after the first, ending in the laughter and nothing happened. then the 2nd vocal part came (which i found a bit more redundant and interesting than the 1st btw), followed by more chillout. this then progresses into a rise, after which another dubstep-portion kicks in. this is repeated and then an outro and done.
now, i’d hoped for three things. i’d hoped desperately some music would kick in hard after that 1st vocal sample during the chillout-section. i’d hoped you didn’t use that 2nd vocal sample (if you did the first thing you wouldn’t have a need to anyway). and, i’d hoped you’d bring back the electro-shizzle, instead of continuing with more dubstep.
i really like the electro-shizzle. it sounds like fucked up funny cool choppy wobbly electro, starting in stabs ending in wobbles, really cool.

i’m rambling a bit maybe but i’m stoned so there. the track needs some work imo but the basis is superb (imo).

Thank you very much rhowaldt!! - that’s exactly the reason I posted it here! :D

As you said with the headphones - that’s were it get difficult, I find i hard to make good on both speakers and headphones, often it’s only on of the places…

I’m glad you liked it the electro - to be honest it started as an electro-track, then ended up being both.
I’m a bit unaware if you think I might take out the last dubstep-part or if I just have to bring in some more electro?

Once again thank you giving me something constructive!!

the mastering-thing: i track on headphones and i have the same problem as you, in reverse. my songs always sound like crap on speakers. so i understand completely :slight_smile:

concerning the final dubstep-part: if you ask me, substitute it with a electro-part. to me, the dubstep sounds like a bit of a gimmick (especially seeing the title of the track). also, it sounds, well, like dubstep. nothing spectacular or very interesting, just your regular dubstep wobble. i like that, but i think the electro-part in this song stands out most, and i’d bring that back after the intermezzo. so what i’d do is: intro, electro, dubstep, chillout, then the sample about dubstep ending in laughter, and kick the electro back in hard.
(of course this is just my personal opinion, and it is your track. so think about it :slight_smile:

That’s genious!! Just worked out something great!!

Look forward to the “part 2”!

And about the 2nd sample that goes “If gonna pull something out, it diffenitely gonna be vintage” - I might take that part out (eventually use it in something else) - because this ain’t vintage… ;)

alright, looking forward to hear it! yeah i agree with taking that sample out, the other seems much more appropriate for this song. you could maybe work it in somewhere in a shorter pause, so something like: electro, quick sample (maybe cut it up a bit), electro kick back in.