Andreas Janke - Phantasia

Started the track yesterday.

What do you think of it?

Great track :) What can i say more very proffessional.

Thanks a lot :)

Ohhhhh yeeeessss :lol:

That track is great and sooo smoooth … ^_^

Sounds great. :walkman:
Can only complain that @ 1:40 there isn’t much energy after the build up and entrance of key lead. I mean, the anticipation is high, but it all breaks down because the sound is almost the same as at the beginning.
I hope you’ll fix this up, considering you only began working on it!!!


Thank you guys :guitar:

The lacking energy @ 1:40 is kinda intended because I wanted to focus on bass / drums in that part. Somehow I think that this is the first time that I managed to create a nice bass and drum relation. Rhythm and mixing wise… :)

For the most people here around probably normal, for me kinda something special… ;)

I made a 2nd version called Calm Down Edit: