Angels Calling

Some techno track track made in renoise :) Hope you like it ;)

Ok maybe you will be interested in 800% slower version of this tune :) Check it out ;)

i gave you a +1 on the first version but the slow one is just too weird :D
the first one has a beautiful atmosphere, the subtle sounds and the ahhhhhhh-singing makes it great.

sometimes it’s like people don’t like to listen to music in this forum. :P
or maybe they are just very specific in their taste?

Thx for listening and reply im realy glad you like it :)

800% is just experiment, but this is realy great method to make pads and other stuff. So i wanted to share it, cuz timestreach in reanoise is not perfect, but its no so restricted like in other DAWs so 800% timestreach is easy.