Angry Mob ! 2 New Ep !

Hi everyone you should check this artist ! He is my mentor and my friend ! He showed to me everything i know about electronic music he is a wonderful person and a very great artist too !

He just released 2 new ep Go check this out !


I listen your new Ep, it’s great … very great. I like the minimal sound. You have made all track with Renoise? Do you use VST plugin?

I like it a lot. Have been listening too it all morning. Very loungy minimalism. Very good music!

Could very well be something in my Minimal playlist :)
Excellent variation in drum and percussion layout. Like the sound forms you create.

Wups, and now I am 28 DKK more poor :L .

Hi everyone Thank you for your comments ! And to let you know He mainly use ableton and use vsts of course !