Ani Klang talking about Renoise

You may or may not have heard of Ani Klang - a Techno producer from the US via Berlin. We spoke on my podcast about here career and we talked about Renoise here:


Chris [midierror]


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Enjoyed the interview, actually started listening to this a few days ago
and got interrupted, glad you put up this post, reminded me to finish listening.

It was interesting to hear about Berlin clubs, and really cool to think about the
powerful tools that are available nowadays; things used to be so rare to find
before the internet …off random bbs’s and stuff hehe… im getting off topic.

But yeah; finished listening and checked out the link to twitch today.
Guess that was good timing! The ‘First Tracks’ episode was posted
there and got to check that out too; was pretty funny, actually laughed a
few times ‘track ending… track ending’ and ‘think it needs more cymbal’ :smiley:

Wow though, all of those ‘first tracks’ were way better than my first.

I had FT2 and pressed record [didn’t know about space bar (but was
literally my first hour using it)] …anyway, hit record and the tracker
started scrolling, and im like trying to time it to put the notes in the
right place but kept missing the grid; so happily filled the single
pattern in a bit more and hit save. It’s a big mess.

Ah I’m glad you enjoyed it. I happen to think some people were sharing early good tracks rather than first shambolic tracks - so don’t worry!

My track got so roasted that I won the sample packs!! It was a pretty traumatic experience. Sounds like recording on FT2 was similar!

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Hi @midierror I mustered up some courage and sent in my first ‘finished’ track for review;
it was roasted on the May 14th episode.

The track is below if anyone wants a laugh :laughing:, since it is a .xm it loads into Renoise
without issue thankfully.

Pretty sure the only other person on this forum who has heard it is @rotello
although that was quite awhile ago, 1997 perhaps?

pangea1.xrns (1.3 MB)

Hey man… if i say I clearly remember it, i’d lie, but that kind of messed up Gabba has 97-98 stamped all over it :slight_smile:
what was your nick name those time?

Hey @rotello, yep sure was a long time ago, amazing how time flies…

We used to converse directly and on the gabber list back then in the early internet days.
If i recall correctly you were working as a DJ at a colleage radio station in Italy around that time.

Pretty sure I was ‘’ on the Hyperreal Gabber List. All my DJ’d mixtapes
and FT2 modules were released under my old nick ‘Pangea’.

Have to say thank you, since there was little information about trackers back then and
what you were able to share over e-mail was a tremendous help …Molte Grazie!

hah you’re a brave person! I have PTSD from when I had a track on her show!

I’ll try the track out thanks