Anki Deck for Renoise Keyboard Bindings

Anki ( is popular spaced-repetition-software for memorizing material ( It is basically flashcard software except that cards are shown based on your previous perfromance - ones you got wrong are drawn more regularly, ones that you know well are not reviewed as often. I wanted to create an Anki deck for the Renoise keyboard bindings so I could commit them all to memory instead of just the few I rely on, so I generated a csv list of bindings from my KeyBindings.xml file and imported it. I use Ankidroid on my phone and have it set to 10-20 new commands a day. I’m putting all of this online in case anyone else finds this useful.

The deck is available here

If you are using customized bindings the python script to turn your bindings xml file into csv text is also included. KeyBindings.xml is in %appdata%/Renoise/ on Windows. Only commands that are actually bound to keys are included.

A couple of caveats I have noticed - KeyBindings.xml referes to “” as “PeakedBracket”, and PgUp and PgDn as “Next” and “Prior”. This hasn’t bothered me enough to change it (yet)

Thanks for this deck, it’s exactly what I was looking for. When you say about “” as “PeakedBracket”, do you mean tab key? I’m looking through the deck and the only thing I see is Focus Next/Previous Window.