Annide Collection Vol.1

i just released a collection of some relaxing sounds i did
from 2002 til 2004 on my website. It’s a 10 track in
ambient / chill genere and i would really want some people to have a
listen to them. Had these laying around on my drive and felt that
it never was gonna be released, but now i did it! in spite of
my lack of confidence.

let me know what your thoughts are on this…

get it here.
vitaxin homepage


These are fine, don’t know what you’re fretting about. Perhaps some of the chill stuff lacks real purpose. But I’m much more taken in by the experimental aspects. Rotasjon was a real highlight for me.

good question, i dont really know what im “fretting” about eighter…
just making noise i think… seems like everybody has theyr own favorite track
from this collection. and thats nice.

thanx for a reply. :)