Annotation Track

I haven’t been tracking in a while, but I’m starting to get the bug again. Anyways opening old unfinished tracks, I really would like to know what I was thinking.

I’ve always wanted an anotation track. Something that I could just click and type a note and be able to mouse over a view it later. Maybe something in between the Matrix and the tracks, just a couple of pixels long. With a little red dot marking a note.

Simple, easy, and probably not to hard to implement.


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why not use the text field for the pattern?!

(that thing on the right)

There’s a “Track Comments” tool that you could look at, too:

Not enough space and I want notes at particular point in the song

The Track Comments tool looks to have potential. I really want something simple that I can pop some text into.

Thanks for the feedback all.

I guess that can be incorporated with song\pattern markers.
If there’s a marker, there’s a text window you can open for each particular one.

Definitely a +1 on this.

It would be great to be able to write chord comments etc. at a particular line in a pattern and always have it visible, like pattern names.
If it were expandable via clicking, it could then cover DDtMM`s request aswell.

so how would you envision this exactly? seems to me ‘always visible’ would get messy real quick. of course you might have a really elegant solution i have overlooked, but in the meantime look at this mockup i made that has ‘MS Excel-style’ comments. a simple icon/something to indicate the presence of a line-comment, and a click/keyboard-shortcut pops up a floating box where you can read and edit that comment.

My thoughts were more line per pattern, rather than line per track

A lazy mock-up but shows the rough idea:

2429 line notes.png

The notes are always shown on left of screen wherever you scroll to, drag edges to expand to wider comment line and of course script accessable ;).

edit: If you wanted to add longer notes then the expand icons could come into play aswell.

@Ledger: ah, i see what you mean now. well in that case, in order to allow comments per line per track, you could have the comments displayed according to the currently selected track, right?

Sounds like a good plan!

though I would like the ability to keep it for the whole pattern. If scriptable though this wouldn`t matter too much, i.e. simply hack copypaste 1st track notes to all tracks.