[Announce] Stutter Deprecation (Will Be Removed In 2.5 Final)

Nice one Jenoki, I had worried it was something to do with the multiple clipboards that Renoise uses but thankfully that’s not the case as that worked perfectly :)

Do you guys know if pasting that to the device chain area will work in 2.5 Final too, or will it be removed all together?

I was actually very happy about the stutter effect. Putting a couple of them in a row and controlling their parameters with random LFO’s, automations and sidechains created some really nice glitches and unexpected rhythms, as a great “add-on” to the new Signal Follower. I haven’t used such a quick, straightworward way to do achieve that before, so I hope there’s still some way to access it in the future. :)

The stutter will simply be hidden from the device-list.
The only way to get it up front is to save it as a device chain or along with the song or copy/paste the XML snippet for that device into a text-file and save it so you can hack the stutter back in.
It will not be removed from the code else you would not be able to load songs that used the stutter device during the beta’s.

i’ve tried this and can’t get it to work. i took and existing dsp chain and pasted the stutter xml in. it seems the xrnt files are encoded wierdly. not utf-8?

oops. never mind!!

here’s the stutter device chain if anyone wants it. just paste it to your device chain folder…