[Announce] Stutter Deprecation (Will Be Removed In 2.5 Final)

I’m sad to announce this, but this definately has to be done.

The stutter has born as an experimental device that wasn’t meant as a repeater as most of you might think. So it is changed in form to allow its usage on most common case of a repeater, but has changed over time so much and it has turned into something in between a strange unmangeable experimental device and a broken repeater.

Also my latest changes and fixes (to allow a more robust usage after the perfect dblue report) have “mutilated” it so i’m no more happy of how it works and sound.
What we will do here is to restore the version present in beta7 and deprecate it so it will only available for song made during the beta stage (or for people who still wants to enable it from the song xml). I hope you will not kill me for this (the ones that love the device as it is), but we are forced to do this cause i realize that the device isn’t good as my other creations. We will try to avoid those kind of confusion in the future.

As an excuse for this, i will promise you that the 2.6 release will feature a perfect working SYNC REPEATER device (just as you like) and some other sample mangling devices (i cannot say more here) and these will rock as any other Renoise device out there, if not more :)

I’m sad. How about a standalone version of stutter’s latest edit? A separate download of some sort? Anything? :unsure:

Guess it’s for the greater good, but it still leaves me angry. Giving a kid some candy and taking it away, but promising some more candy later on… I want it NOW! :)

i know it’s not fair, but we want to keep Renoise robust and consistent, and if we introduced some sort of device which isn’t at least solid as the other then it’s only our fault, so we are forced to keep the candy out…

the good news is that more candies are about to come, and we are always looking for candies

It is still there basically, similar to the other old dsp devices.

  • good move & looking forward to future candies :)

I know that this was a very difficult decision for the team to make, so I have nothing but respect for how this is being handled. I applaud the level of maturity that everyone has displayed here, in being able to approach the problem objectively and do what is necessary.

Long live Renoise :)


High standards… Now THAT really is what made Renoise a kick-ass production in the first place.

There is this concept, “creative destruction”, and this decision reflects magnitudes of it. Destroy to prepare for something better. Many kudos to kRAkEn/gORe!

Looking forward to the new devices …I liked the stutter effect( for what it was ) but I totally agree with your decision ( from a non programmers point of view )

ofcause, the decision is okay and i`m looking forward to the new devices. we all want renoise to be a great tool and so i think this was the right step!
big respect for this and keep up the great work :yeah:
and kraken, you did a great job on 2.5 so i hope you take the whole stutter thing nonpersonaly.

The stutter won’t disappear completely, but will not be available from within Renoise so you will have to save it as a DSP chain to get it back. (Just as you need to do with the older Filter devices)

thanks for the tip, i`ve seen the old filter device in one of the demosongs some time ago.
that confused me a little bit.

here it is so when it’s gone. or just save an .xrnt

Click to view contents
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
<renoisedevicechain doc_version="10"><br>
    <stutterdevice type="StutterDevice"><br>
        <visualization>Mixer and Device</visualization><br>
        <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
        <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
        <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
        <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>

I’ll miss the stutter very much, looking forward to 2.6.

(Not meant as reply to Ashkan)

So you can save old draft DSPs in a an effects chain. But what if you haven’t saved before upgrading. How do I make it available to myself again. I liked stutter in it’s own right. It changed the sound, so it still counts as an effect IMHO.

Kraken I think it’s really important that you maintain your original mindset and create devices that are inspiring, chaotic and different. I feel somewhat sad that this became a discussion about a repeater device, but i suppose a repeater device was in higher demand, and like you say yourself, the changes made to the stutter effectively broke it from a conceptual point of view.

I applaud this decision, and i know it will only result in better devices and a more solid product. Looking forward to the unholy union of a stutter device AND a repeater :wink: Thank you!

And so an eastern egg was born…? ;)

Much respect to the work you are doing. :)

When I first saw this + description, I wasn’t really expecting a repeater, but was thinking more along the lines of the LiveCut vst that was based off of Nick Collins BBCut libs for Sc3.

Honestly though after using it I couldn’t figure out what was really going on, as it seemed or sounded more like a delay effect but in a totally different manner all together. Was interesting yet confusing to think of it in the same breath.

Or maybe it’s the western easter egg…? ;)

But hooray for the secret ultimate weapon of kickarsery. People will never know…

I liked the stutter from B4 best actually and would like to still have it. Little unpredictable, but fun :)

Edit: I haven’t followed the discussion about it though, what was it about?

I just tried saving that, after pasting into Notepad (making sure it’s set to UTF-8) and it didn’t work. Also tried with Notepad++ and no joy. Opened up the only saved .xrnt I have and it shows lots of weird characters, like I get when opening a normal .zip file, so I checked and it is a .zip file.

If anybody else is unsure you have to save this as “DeviceChain.xml” and the zip this file and rename as blahblah.xrnt.

Wasn’t there some way to directly copy and paste devices into a chain? I thought there was but I couldn’t get it to work…