Announcement: Martin is now part of MAIN team

GREAT NEWS! Martin has become an official member of MAIN team. This means he gets paid for the job he does! We welcome him and hope that this will introduce a new dimension in Renoise development and team stability. So far Renoise team has been constantly improving and became the strongest music tracker team you can count on!

This will reflect in future of Renoise development in even faster development, more features and more stability to the main program.

Martin’s mail and mail alias have been added to contact page and you can also contact him regarding coding questions directly
using alias in help file (martin (or martinal) at renoise com).

He is currently working on Piano Roll but we’ll try to keep you informed on everything that is happening inside our team so that you can always know which developer you should contact to get appropriate answer.

So far we’ve seen some features already implemented by him which look totally cool (i.e. curved views of envelopes) and we hope to see more in the future. Hip - Hip - Hurray for Norvegians!

Thank you for your attention, we’ll be back with more news soon :)

great! my best wishes to Martin & the Renoise-Team!

Kjempa godt… Good luck, and yes, we do love those envelopes …

Sooo, he must be doing something meaningfull for his money then. So no slacking around!!! :P

Anyway congrats with the job.

welcome martin.
You fit perfectly in our team as you fill the gap in the algebra parts of my brain. So I can finally spend more time in code designing issues and make renoise more flexible for the future :)

I’m currently working on the pianoroll, and will concentrate on that until it’s finished and working (at least the basics). Wether I will continue to improve it with more advanced features after that, or do something else, will be up to the registered users wishes through the upcoming WIP voting Phazze’s working on.

Programming is not only about writing code, specially when working with large programs. Planning the program flow well is very important, as this makes it easier to maintain and add new features to the code. Spending too little time on code design will result in code that’s difficult to read and extend on, and more prone to bugs. Also, when porting to other platforms (ie the ongoing mac project), well designed code is even more important, so platformspecific details are cleanly separeted from the program itself.

Thank you. I hope my work will inspire people to create more great music.

not with pianorolll, that’s for sure
:P :P :P :lol: B) :rolleyes: :drummer:

Well, hopefully I can make you happy some time later… :)

maybe it is not the trackers that will like piano roll, but we’ll find audience for that :)