Announcement: WIP page released

The initial voting options are just a testing ones.

We will delete those in few days and put proper ones when we decide what is worth voting for.

As for now: developers put voting options, registered users vote for them on user pages. Each user can vote only once for each option.

The results of voting are public and visible on WIP page (

Using voting registered users and developers will be able to decide more easily which direction should Renoise take so it is good for both of us.

Have fun using it!

Renoise Team

about the “new features” WIP poll:
I suggest to rename the “Effect API” label into a more appealing “Effect and Generator API”.

this API is intended to be designed to let us code generators too, isn’t it? :unsure:

BUZZ lovers would love this new name and vote for it :D

hmm… i think the vote list is too small, much of important suggestions ain’t there. no timestretching, no insertfx for instruments… but anyway, the thing is nice.

That’s because this list is merely for testing. We have a larger list which will be put up soon.