Annoying bits that adds to smileys when you edit

Well i’ll edit this post 5 times and i think you get the idea. :rolleyes:/>/>/>/>/>

Why does that happen, is it a chrome problem or does it happen to everyone? :huh:/>/>/>/>/>

Not shure if i put this in the right section, it’s forum related, not Renoise bug.

It happens to everyone, and it’s been driving us all insane for a while now. Some update to the forum software has triggered it, and unfortunately we haven’t been able to track it down yet.

Aha, so we’re basically a community of insane people, that’s reassuring. :w00t:
Thanks dblue for clearing it up for me, at least now i know what the deal is, so i guess i can live with it for a while longer. ;)

It only happens if you select it from the emoticons menu, so the problem must be somewhere in the selection script. :ph34r:/>

Nope. It happens whenever the post text gets edited or requoted. Some damn thing with the bbcode parsing got a bit fucked up somewhere.



One layer of /> also gets added when you click “preview post” or “use full editor”.

Looks like the end of a HTML tag… i don’t think messages are stored in the database as html?