Another 7-minute long progressive ambient-sort of thing

Here’s another one from me. I seem to have developed some kind of habit of making 7+ minute long ever-changing songs. I have a strong desire to make some shorter, but more condensed ones in the future.

Anyway, I recently finally got a new computer! I replaced my 8 year old 17" iMac with a mid-tower type PC. It’s on the lower end of things, but it’s miles ahead of what I had to deal with up until this point. I am now able to put as much DSP in my songs as I damn like, and find it rather satisfying. To test it I decided to try making some drums and percussion sounds through synthesis instead of using samples and I came up with this track as a result of that. There’s not a single sound in this track that doesn’t have some sort of modulated processing, but I still couldn’t push the CPU usage past the 40% mark, so I think I can safely say I’m very happy with my purchase. Also, it’s a PC, so it’s ready to take some upgrades if I suddenly invest in some CPU-heavy plugins, but for the time being, I’m enamoured with the ability to use some of my favourite plugins from way back before I bought the iMac, such as Synth1.

All in all, it was a fun track to make, and much more time-consuming that some of my recent works. However, I do believe the work I put into it developed it into a much needed diversion from my usual sound. I hope you enjoy it.

Sounds cool. In the first part, synths are a bit loud and drums a bit silent imo. The glitchy beats in the 2nd part are a little all over the place, dynamics wise. 2nd section doesn’t really go anywhere before you go into another breakdown. But I like that breakdown. In 3rd part, I find the reverby bass kinda synth to be louder than it should be. This part has some nice melodies. I’d perhaps try adding the glitchy beat section at the end of this one and cut the middle part out. So that you can increase the energy a bit near the end instead of a long and relatively linear progression. Just a thought.

Overall nice work! But it drags a bit here and there.

Great song !

is it renoise ?

Nice and chill! :slight_smile: