Another a bit experimental tune

Hello Renoise fellows :)

Here’s my last work-in-progress track. A bit experimental for me. I’d name it’s genre as a club-metal, or dance-metal… It sounds a bit like Sevendust + Coal Chamber + Korn for me but has an interesting dancing core.

Please let me know your opinion about this piece of music :)


aaahh… sorry… I was too sleepy yesterday :D
here’s the track


10/10 would listen again

Oh…sorry guys it was late and I was almost fell asleep .

I hope you enjoy it

cool stuff man :walkman:

Yeah, that was fun :)/> Personally I would like to hear another mix with some break-beats and synths too :)

Rock! :)

Thanks for your comments guys, any criticism or an advice? I’d appreciate :)

2 LoneWolfWilliams:
Who knows, maybe some day… :)

Hey Alex,

I would not relate this song to anything but metal itself, as I can’t feel any dance element in it. Maybe it could be filed in the so called “groove-metal” genre, anyway it’s very good. :guitar:

Years ago, I composed some songs which mixed electronic dance music and metal, even combining an acoustic and an electronic drum set playing concurrently at different signatures.

Those were the days… :rolleyes:

Thanks for your comments :)
Yes, you’re right it not sounding like a dance music itself but it is based on a straightforward groove which is so much associates with the club music for me. The main drums sequence is [bass drum, hat, snare, hat, bass drum, hat, snare, hat] … That’s why it felt so “dancing” for me. Sorry for that :)

I was digging the modarchive few month ago but not sure if I saw songs that you are describing. Can you share them with us? pleeeease :)

one of them is “Death of Dance” ( :rolleyes: ), year 1998:

download the XM file.

please use XMPlay or MilkyTracker in order to play it, as I don’t how good it would be played in anything else

Cool! Thanks for sharing!

It’s not like a generic song or something. It reminds me a theatrical production or maybe a musical movie. Seems like it’s trying to tell the story. Irrational sometimes , non-linear and non-predictable. Very impressive! I think I listened to it about 5 or 6 times :dribble:

I played it using Milky Tracker and Audacious (modplug plugin) and it sound not that sharp on audacious (the tracker’s sound was a little bit “sandy”), and the panning looks a little nicer for me in Audacious.

I want more :)

ps: I lied, it was 8 times…

thanks for your kind words, Alex…

yes, at that times my compositions where very lunatic and everchanging, more than how they are now, and I was very mad at dance music; I really hated it so much I dreamed about its death and tried to tell a story about that :)

not that now I love dance music: I just got older and more tolerant :)