Another breakcore song I made combining 10 different breaks (+ some darksynth)


Not sure why this isn’t getting more attention cause this is AWESOME. One thing I really enjoy about your tunes is the very careful attention to detail. Everything is exceptionally crisp and each sound appears well placed in the freq spectrum. The overall mixing/mastering is also aces.

Also, I love when “breakcore” has elements that aren’t strictly breakcore - feel like this is melding genres and brings in melodic elements/energy, but in a way that doesn’t feel in any way forced.

A+, it’s awesome.

BTW, where is the pic from? Feel like I should know if from somewhere but can’t put my finger on it…

The picture is generated by Midjourney AI :smiley:

Ahh, of course… The Algorithm, creating shit that vaguely resembles something you think you remember you saw in a dream once since 2022 ™