Another Digitakt via Renoise

Hip Hop beat



I like it! Are you using Overbridge in Renoise?

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Thanks mate, no that’s buggy and dosen’t work for me, if it did I would use Renoise all the time. For Overbridge I go with Bitwig or Ableton.

Oh that’s too bad. I actually just ordered a Digitakt and was hoping to use Overbridge in Renoise… I guess Bitwig it is.

So how are you using the Digitakt with Renoise? Are you controlling Renoise or is it simply a line in?

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Yes line in. But you can have fun with the combo for sure. I used to fake sp 404 FX and use the digitakt buttons to trigger FX in Renoise… like repeater and stuff while playing the Digitakt thru it. But yes I hope Overbridge gets compatible with it. Maybe its just my system, Mac Mojave late 2015.

no prob with Bitwig thou. I made some templates I can share if you not already set it up.

Congrats to the Digitakt btw, such a great sampler and sequencer!

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Thanks man! I’d love to check out the templates. And I’ll let you know if I have a different experience with OB and Renoise. I’m on late 2016 Mac with Catalina at the moment

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@KnownUn , are you still willing to share those templates? My Digitakt arrived. I’m loving this machine btw! It’s a beast… 10 minutes after turning it on and I had some dope breakbeats going, with samples mangled beyond recognition! I feel like the workflow makes sense if you’re used to trackers, at least it makes total sense to me

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Cool man! So happy to hear that! Yes I do feel trackers and Digitakt are very similar, I remember I had that exact feeling when I got mine. Parameter locks on steps and what not. Happy for you!

You mean the Bitwig templates!? Yes, I’ll zip and email you them next time I turn on the studio cpu. Throw me a pm with your address.

Looking forward to hear you Digi builds! :wink:

Enjoy every moment!


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dope melody in this beat. did you compose it?

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