Another Introduction

Hello there, Renoise community!

I’m a another of these dudes who worships music, and what can be done with it :)

I’m 22 years old and have been tracking since around 1995 at least

  • starting with the good 'ol Fasttracker II.
    I’ve never been, how should i put it ‘out in the open’ with my music though,
    never been in a compo or such (apart from having a small tune made for my friends demo at remedy 2005).
    But i will try to change that - because it’s good with feedback of any kind, and nice to not feel so lonely either i guess :P

I was very delighted when i found Renoise, after starting to struggle with ft2 as computers and operating systems grew more modern…

And VST support was a nice godsend, even though you sometimes wish to do things the good old way - and it’s nice that you have that possibility aswell :)

Well, that’s a little brief 'bout me - It’s nice to be here :)

//Poisionous RePTiLe

welcome on board!! ;)

nudism is always welcome at ;)
have a nice time here - looking forward to your threads in the song forum!

LOL, yes its a very liberal community!

Welcome aboard!

Tjabba o välkommen!

Oh, and I really like you blipp-bloppy song on your page… :)

he dont, but i do ;)


Make sure to check the wiki tutorials and the tips and tricks forums: great sources of knowledge. :D

Thanks for the warm welcome everybody :)

And as for the nudism issue which my avatar seems to have raised
somewhat… :P lol - what can i say, perhaps i get quite worked up and energetic when i start tracking a song… ;) (no but honestly, i’m not all that nude, ‘harhar’ :D

I will surely check the tutorials, more knowledge is never a bad thing :)

And Johan, i’m glad you liked my ‘happily´ friends’

I will add some more of my music to my simple webpage soon:

Seems to be quite a lot of activity in this forum, and that is very nice :)

Cheers! :D