Another New Acoustic Song: "selflessness"

This one is really hard to play (but I keep getting better, I’ve been playing the guitar about 5 hours a day lately, something I’ve not been so diligent about in the past)–this is a scratchpad recording, it won’t be long, probably just a few more days and I’ll have a final recording of this one. I’m hoping that between this song and the last acoustic one I posted that I’ll be able to start performing these live at open mics, also send demos to some local radio stations that play a lot of acoustic music.

I should be posting a finalized recording of this later in the week.

Great chords and melody, nice performance. I thought the lyrics were overly cerebral though.

Thanks :D :D

I’ve had a difficult time making “accessible” lyrics. So many of my lyrics are internal thought processes or stream of consciousness. It’s a process :D

So are you also going to dress up the guitar play?
It doesn’t sound bad at all… :)

Man, i really like this.

there is something vulnerable in the guitar, and it’s attractive. Don’t over polish the guitar, in fact i think i could do with a slightly more vulnerable vocal in some spots to sort of call those feelings out of the guitar a bit more.

i read this as a love song, and i like the feelings of strength and longing it conjured up for me.

this is good man. i gave it 3 plays in a row.

Thanks :D :)

The problem is–the clicks that are heard so much in this recording are me clipping out errors that were made (the types of errors where the song gets stopped playing and then continues). These clip sounds are really noticeable to me–I thought they would be to everyone else as well.

I was planning on re-recording it like I did the last guitar song, where I record the guitar and singing separately, and then I was going to add some “ooooh” harmonies at key points in the song.

I’ve just been waiting until I can play through the whole song without many errors and then re-record it. I’ve been practicing it about 5-6 hours a day since I made the song. I’m hoping to start playing these latest two songs at a bunch of open mics in the area and also to send a demo to a couple radio stations that play a LOT of acoustic music.

But I’ll make sure that in my next recording of it that I don’t try to “perfect” it too much, to leave a lot of it raw sounding more like this recording is. Thanks so much for the input on this.

Wow, this is really great. Both of these acoustic songs are very very good! More! :D

Well, here’s a test mix of a new recording of it. I don’t know if I like it or not. There’s just something about my vocals I don’t like and I don’t know if it’s overproduced with all the “oooooh” harmonies. And there’s a strange click near the beginning in the guitar that I can’t figure out…

Ugh–found an error in the lyrics… fixing… should be re-uploaded in about 8 minutes… There, fixed…

I’m having trouble downloading this. :angry:

My server was down for about 4 hours. It’s back up.

And I’ve decided on a final version. There’s still a little strange click in the guitar near the beginning but, you know, I think it sounds good.–selflessness.mp3

my GF said she likes your voice :)

i think its good stuff, may i put drums to it ?


the doublevoice around the end is realy good :walkman:

Thanks much :D

It will be hard to put drums to it because the tempo changes quite a bit, I didn’t use a click track…

aye, was about to ask. hmm

Amazing song, sir! Spine-tickling :D

oh my, what a song.
I’m gonna try posting up some of mine soon. I’ve just never had any mics!
Nice one man. :P

I’ve had more good comments about this song (here and other places) than any song I’ve made so far–I’ve gotten a little teary-eyed over it.

Thanks so much.

This tells me I need to continue doing guitar work.

yea totaly!

Very nice tune, not overdone in any way.

Did you consider adding dynamics, for instance by starting out with a simplified version of the guitar figure?