Another Person Needs Mid-production Opinions

I really liked it when I started working on it, but now I feel like maybe it isn’t so great. I’ve tried changing stuff around, but I feel like it’s not getting any better.

If you think it’s salvageable, what should I keep/drop/fix?

Download here

Thanks for any help with this.

i somehow like it.
does sound like you’re just f’ing around at the end though.

funkeh fresh !

agree with patto that the ending could use some more work but i liked how you build it up to some kinda climax. perhaps it could use some bits of punk rap. some of the glitches felt a little to loud, personally i would use a deeper and longer kick or maybe layer the kicks.

overall it has a fresh mood in it which i really enjoyed

Hey frux,

Thats quite crazy, in a good way.
I clicked the download link, and went away from the puter for a sec, and then it just started playing. I found myself smiling to myself, it was unexpected.

I think it is definitely salvagable.
I would try this:

  • Pull back a little on the distortion. Its a little too heavy on the ears at times.
  • Drop the second half completely. Anything after 1:22 or so.
  • The ending is good imo. Keep it. starting at around 2:36
  • I would try to take the first half, followed by the ending (2:36 and on) followed by a new pattern to serve as a bridge - i.e. only drums + small synth or so (maybe the offkey sine from the second part?)

I would try an arrangement like this:
Drumless ending.

Thats only my opinion though.

Thanks for the replies, guys. They were definitely all very helpful.

I went through and tweaked the volume on some of the glitchy parts and even before Icarus’ reply I cleared out the middle/second half. Looking back, it didn’t quite match up with the first half.