Another Renoise Banger

Hi folks!

Sometime ago me and my team noticed that renoise can be used for making heavy-electro dancable types of music instead of IDM, breakcore, ambient etc. I’d even say that it exceeds most mainstream DAW’s because with renoise, I finally record analog synths, play them back, pitch up & down and all that without loosing sound quality. Back then in ableton live I used to pull my hair off when I was hearing how ableton’s internal sampler fucks up the recording. So with assist of some analog and digital synths, tons of VST’s and of course splendid Glitch by DBlue, we present you our second renoise banger. Originally it’s a metal song, and you’ll hear it by a growl vocal and some guitars. Also check out the band we were remixing: Lostbone.
And oh, our team operates under “DividedBy0” name now.

Yeah, youtube fucked up bass completely

Watch in HD if possible

lol :) I am enjoying the movement on the gainers